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Metabolife 356®  has sold more than any other single dietary supplement in U.S. history!

80 million Americans are currently attempting to lose weight via some sort of dieting program.  Most of these so-called diets don't work.  You are already aware of the sensational attributes of Metabolife 356®, and how it provides a better alternative and healthier lifestyle for the user, and a huge marketplace for the distributor!  Fill in your email address below, and you'll receive all the information needed to help you establish an enterprise that will take you well into the 21st century.

The Metabolife 3/3 Pay Plan

Metabolife's Philosophies
Metabolife offers effective, safe, quality products - products consumers want.  Because of this, consumers will buy without pressure.  This allows the Distributor to establish not only a broad consumer following, but a steady stream of interested down-line Distributors as well.

About The Customer
For any dietary supplement business to succeed, someone must buy and consume the products.   This fact seems to get lost in the hype and sales frenzy of most network marketing system.   Metabolife understands that the consumer supports the sales system.  As you will learn, consumers love Metabolife products and they fast become loyal, long lasting, repeat customers.   In fact, most Distributors were once customers themselves.

About The Plan
Distributors have the option to sponsor other individuals as Distributors.  This network of sponsored Distributors is called a downline.  Distributors may begin to build a downline at any time during their distributorship.  The benefit to building a downline is that you may earn commission from the company based on your downline's product sales activity.  This is in addition to the profit you earn on your personal retail sales.   However, only "active" Distributors will earn commissions.  The definition of an active Distributor is one who purchases at least $200.00 in commissionable product at distributor cost for personal consumption and sale to the retail customer in each calendar month.  (You are not paid commission on your personal purchases).  The Compensation Plan allows active Distributors to earn a commission on every case of product purchased for resale by any member in their downline to level 3**.  Please note that all orders must be received and paid for in full by the end of the last business day of the month to be eligible for commission that month.  Bonus checks are mailed out by the 15th of the following month.

** Active distributors will automatically earn commission on the Level 1 and Level 2 sales.   Active distributors who have at least 3 active distributors on their Level 1 will additionally earn commission on their Level 3.

About the Commissions
Each commissionable product that is purchased by a distributor has a specific commission value associated with it.  For example, one case of Metabolife 356® has a commission value of $20.00 and one case of the MI, Inc.™ Chocolate Chip Cookie has a commission value of $5.00.  At the end of each month, the number of cases are totaled.  The corresponding commission is calculated based on your volume on Level 1 and Level 2 (and Level 3 when you meet Level 3 requirements).  This total represents how much your commission will be for the month.

Commission Values

1 case (12 bottles) Metabolife 356® .................................$ 20.00
1 case (12 bottles ea) Vitam'n AM® or Mine'rl PM® ...........$ 20.00
1 case (12 bottles) Smoker's Nutrition™ ..........................$ 20.00
1 case (12 bottles) Metabonite® ......................................$ 20.00
1 case (144 cookie) MI, Inc.™ Chocolate Chip Cookie ........$ 5.00


Level Distributor Activity Active Distributors* Commission Value Total Commission
Level 1 you personally sign up 10 Distributors who each sell one case of Metabolife in one month: 10 X $20 = $200
Level 2 the 10 distributors you signed up on your 1st level each sign up 10 distributors, who then each sell one case of Metabolife in the same month: 100 X $20 = $2,000
Level 3 All the distributors on your 2nd Level each sign up 5 distributors, who then each sell one case of Metabolife 356® in the same month, and you have 3 distributors on your 1st Level who meet the monthly purchase requirements: 500 X $20 = $10,000
* For distributors meeting the minimum sales requirement. 610 total $12,200
The above is for illustratrative purposes ONLY and does not express, guarantee or imply actual earnings.

The Metabolife Compensation Plan takes very little to get started and you will never have to buy surplus product to achieve higher goals. There is never any confusion with percentages or earnings. This has been eliminated with the Compensation Plan. With Metabolife, the Distributor is number one. Without you, Metabolife would not exist. The Metabolife Compensation system is proven and very well could be your long term financial solution. Talk with our Independent Metabolife Distributor and learn for yourself how lucrative the Compensation system can truly be.

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Metabolife Independent Metabolife Distributors Rule

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Texas law requires the following statement: This product has ephedrine group alkaloids in the form of herbal extracts and may cause serious adverse health effects. Read the label and follow directions.
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