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Lose Weight Naturally with Metabolife 356®*

Congratulations on taking the first step to achieving a longer, healthier life!   If you have struggled to lose weight or suffered from the lethargy that usually accompanies dieting, help is here.  With Metabolife 356® you can expect to enjoy higher energy levels to complete tasks and carry you through the day; energy that is not normally experienced while dieting and reducing caloric intake.*

We all have tried dieting to achieve our weight loss goals.   This generally makes us feel hungry, tired and sluggish. Usually our will power gives out long before we reach our desired weight.  As a general rule, when we diet our fat and caloric intake are reduced.  The problem with dieting alone is that not only do we lose fat, but we also lose lean muscle tissue (which is not healthy or desirable).  If we diet and exercise properly we seem to lose fat and maintain lean muscle, but there are always those areas of accumulated fat that we're unable to lose.   On men, that area is (politely) called "love handles", and on women, that area is (not so politely) called "saddle bags".

Science has shown that thinner people tend to live longer and healthier lives. In many cases, being overweight is not just a matter of will power; it's a matter of genetics and unconscious programming. Because weight loss has become big business, many companies are marketing products they claim facilitate losing weight. Many of those companies have done little or no research; this is where Metabolife International, Inc. stands above the rest!

At Metabolife International, safety is our foremost concern. Metabolife 356® dietary supplements have been shown to be safe~ by two independent laboratories**. In addition, our products are regularly tested to confirm the active ingredients are present as indicated on the product label. However, tablet color may vary due to seasonal changes in the appearance of the herbal raw materials.

Product Description
Metabolife 356® consists of only the finest natural herbs gathered from over 12 countries of the world.   All Metabolife International, Inc.™ products are manufactured in the United States at government-inspected facilities.    Metabolife International, Inc.™ is a leader in quality with every product meeting the highest standards of the industry.   Metabolife 356® was the first herbal product to achieve the A.C.E.R.I.S. Quality Assurance Seal and continues to surpass regulatory requirements.

How It Works
Metabolife 356® was formulated to raise the body's metabolism and create a thermogenic response, which in turn burns fat, not lean muscle tissue.*    Because of this precise blending of herbs and other nutrients, you will realize higher energy levels, which are normally not achieved while dieting and reducing caloric intake.*    In fact, many people take Metabolife 356® as an energy enhancer.*  When taken as directed, Metabolife 356® can help you achieve your dieting goals in a healthier, more beneficial way. Metabolife 356® also reduces appetite prior to meals.*

Health & Safety
Metabolife 356® medical safety studies were performed at two independent laboratories.  The study design and review was supervised by a Board-certified M.D., Ph.D., Pharmacologist, Toxicologist, and the former president of the American Board of Toxicology.   Board-certified Toxicologists and Pharmacologists also supervised the studies themselves.   The unique formula of Metabolife 356® has also been clinically tested for efficacy at two major U.S. universities.**  

If you or your physician need any further information or have any other questions, please contact the Metabolife Information Line at 1-800-231-4764.

Metabolife 356® is intended as a dietary supplement and should never be abused.   Read and follow label instructions and cautions.

What is Thermogenesis?
Metabolife 356® was formulated to raise the metabolism and create a thermogenic response, which in turn burns fat, not lean muscle.*  Because of this precise blending of herbs and other nutrients, you will immediately realize higher energy levels, which is normally not achieved while dieting and reducing caloric intake.*  In fact, many people take Metabolife 356® as an energy enhancer.*

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* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

** All safety studies are kept on file.  The study protocols were designed and reviewed by a U.S. Board-certified physician and toxicologist, an M.D./ Ph.D., as well as laboratory and regulatory scientists.  All studies were reviewed by an independent M.D., Ph.D., U.S. Board certified physician, pharmacologist and toxicologist.

~ When used as directed and consumer reads and observes all cautions.

Texas law requires the following statement: This product has ephedrine group alkaloids in the form of herbal extracts and may cause serious adverse health effects. Read the label and follow directions.

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